A broad range of grinding applications
FOSS sample mills cover a broad range of sample preparation applications for both traditional wet chemistry and near infrared analysis. The range includes Homogenizers 294 and 297 for rapid homogenization of larger samples with a high fat or oil content; the Cemotec™ Mill for grinding solid samples without moisture loss; the Cyclotec™ Mill for uniform grinding of dry samples and the Knifetec™ Mill for the preparation of high-fat, high-moisture and fibrous samples.

CM 190 Cemotec™ Sample Mill The CT 193 Cyclotec™ Sample Mill
This mill crushes the sample using the tried-and-tested principle of grinding between two discs, one stationary and one turning.The sample is introduced at the centre of the stationary disc and is crushed between the discs. A graduated knob adjusts the distance between the discs to control the fineness of the grist.
This mill is based on the cyclone principle for universal grinding applications in the laboratory. The grinding is carried out by a high-speed action where the sample is rolled against the inner circumference of a durable grinding surface and passed out through a screen. The high grinding capacity reaches 4 g/second and the recovery of the sample is complete.
KN 195 Knifetec™ HM 294 and 297 Homogenisers
This piece of equipment is equipped with a grinding chamber cooling feature. This can be connected to a cold water tap or other laboratory chilling device to prevent samples containing high levels of fat sticking to the wall of the chamber as the fat softens during grinding. The cooling option also stops fibrous samples generating heat due to friction.
These sample preparation mills provide a reproducible degree of homogenization through a powerful high-speed cutting action. Angled knife blades produce a vertical flow within the batch and facilitate rapid and thorough homogenization in 20 to 60 seconds.