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Dumatec™ 8000 DS2500 Liquid Analyzer NIRS XDS RapidLiquid Analyzer Distillation
With Dumatec™, busy laboratories can deliver reliable Dumas results in just three minutes at a low cost per sample. Innovative features reduce start-up time while extending consumable lifetime. Unique software functions allow desktop-operation and traceability. The DS2500 Liquid Analyzer is the tried and tested, flexible solution for routine analysis of liquids along the entire production chain. Its robust design makes the DS2500 Liquid Analyzer resistant to dust, moisture and vibrations, which means that it is eminently suited for use in harsh production environments. The NIRS XDS RapidLiquid Analyzer enables rapid, precise analyses of liquid formulations and substances. Precise measurement results at the push of a button make the NIRS XDS RapidLiquid Analyzer an equally reliable and simple solution for quality monitoring in laboratories and processes. The Kjeltec™ 8000 Auto Distillation units are the ultimate solution for safe, automatic distillation. Accurate bellows pumps give long term stability in reagent delivery. The units are equipped with sensors for safety door, tube platform and distillate temperature as well as level and over-pressure sensors for the variable output steam generator.