Analytical solution Galenic
Laboratories around the world use a FOSS solution for their daily chemical analysis work. Our systems are supported by more than 300 dedicated service, application, software and calibration specialists world-wide. Commercial laboratories will appreciate the throughput improvements. Government or research labs may be particularly interested in the flexibility and safe handling of chemicals
The term „galenic“ comes from „galenic formulation“. Galenic formulation deals with the principles of preparing and compounding medicines in order to optimize their absorption. The term is named after Claudius Galen, a 2nd Century AD Greek physician, who codified the preparation of drugs using multiple ingredients. Today, galenic formulation is part of pharmaceutical formulation. The pharmaceutical formulation of a medicine has an impact on the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and safety profile of a drug.
Pilot Plant
The PHG Pilot Plant System is specifically designed for specialist applications that include new product development, scaling up from test to small batch quantities and the production of speciality materials that are not necessarily manufactured in large quantities. This type of equipment is equally suited to the fine chemical and cosmetics environment as well as the pharmaceutical industry. The PHG range also finds broad application in Pharmacy teaching departments (universities) and in the manufacture of low volume, speciality Pharmacist products.