Sample Mills Dumatec™ 8000
Sample Mills cover a broad range of sample preparation applications for both traditional wet chemistry and near infrared analysis The range includes Homogenizers 294 and 297 for rapid homogenization of larger samples with a high fat or oil content; the Cemotec™ Mill for grinding solid samples without moisture loss; the Cyclotec™ Mill for uniform grinding of dry samples and the Knifetec™ Mill for the preparation of high-fat, high-moisture and fibrous samples.
With Dumatec™, busy laboratories can deliver reliable Dumas results in just three minutes at a low cost per sample. Innovative features reduce start-up time while extending consumable lifetime and unique software functions allow desktop-operation and traceability.
Digestion Systems Kjeltec™ Systems
FOSS Tecator line Digestion systems are based on a digestion unit and a tube rack, allowing fully automated digestion for convenient, safe and flexible Kjeldahl analysis. Two way PC communication supports traceability and GLP.
The Kjeltec™ 8000 series consists of three models: the 8100, 8200 and 8400 for simple and safe distillations with different levels of automation. The Kjeltec 8400 in combination with 8420 or 8460 sampler and Tecator AutoLift digestion units provide the ultimate in automated Kjeldahl analysis.
Fibertec™ Systems Hydrotec™ 8000
The Fibertec™ 8000 is dedicated for fibre determination according to Weende, van Soest and other recognized methods. The Fibertec™ 8000 is a semiautomatic system using internally preheated reagents which are added in a closed system to minimize contact with hot reagents.
The Hydrotec™ 8000 is ideal for the busy laboratory requiring high throughput of samples. It is an innovative fully automated system that performs automated acid hydrolysis without sample transfer. It has a small footprint and unique batch-handling features.
SC 247 SoxCap™ Soxtec™ Systems
The SoxCap™ system performs hydrolysis, filtration and washing with no need for sample transfer and minimum manual handling using the batch handling tools. The patented technique is based on the SoxCap™ capsule’s ability to hold the fat present in the sample during hydrolysis and release it during solvent extraction.
The Soxtec™ 8000 extraction unit is a fully automated system for fast and safe determination of extractable matter. For total fat analysis, the Hydrocap filter is transferred from the hydrolysis unit to the extraction unit which then performs the four extraction steps boiling, rinsing, solvent recovery and auto shut down, fully unattended.
NIRS™ DA1650 Flour Analyser InfraXact™
Capturing the latest developments in near infrared (NIR) analysis, the NIRS™ DA1650 analyser gives flour millers a robust, purpose-built quality control tool, ready-to-use for many flour types and with future-proof features for a lasting return on investment. It is ISO 12099 compliant and IP65 certified to withstand dust and moisture. It is ideal for accurate routine analysis either in the laboratory or close to the production line.
InfraxactTM device works with ISIscanTM software. ISIscanTM is a user-friendly operation software which supports the latest calibration Technologies with its advanced reporting and data Exchange features.
XDS™ Rapid Content Analyser
The XDS™ RCA builds on the success of earlier NIR instruments, delivering high performance and seamless method transfer in an easy to use platform.